Bläck Tattoo Care is now at Bully Ink

Bläck Tattoo Care is humbled  to be working with Bully Ink and, owner, Ashley. She has done some amazing work for us in the past and was instrumental in helping us formulate and test the original Bläck. We were able to  test it on ourselves (no animal testing here) and some of her willing clientele tried it.  (We truly appreciate human guinea pigs) and they loved it.

Through testing and a lot of work, we developed a cleaner product that people preferred to use. We were also able to formulate thicker products, based on our work with Ashley.

We have now launched our product line nationwide, because of our work with Ashley,

If you find yourself in Edgewater Maryland, stop by and get yourself some amazing work done. Then pick up some of our awesome tattoo care products